YouTube Facing Lawsuit That Alleges Toy Unboxing Videos Are “Abusive Advertising Practices” Aimed At Children

A Brazilian lawsuit filed against YouTube’s owner Google is raising questions about whether toy unboxing videos are manipulating kids — and whether similar suits could eventually be filed in the U.S., citing laws that prohibit aggressive marketing to children.

The lawsuit, filed in January by the public prosecutor’s office in São Paulo, Brazil, accuses YouTube of “engaging in abusive advertising practices toward children,” Vox reports. The suit hinges on prosecuters’ assertion that most videos in the popular genre, even if they’re not marked as ads, are still advertisements. In Brazil, it’s completely illegal to market anything to kids under 12.

For those not familiar with toy unboxings, it’s a booming subset of videos on YouTube where people — sometimes kids, sometimes adults — unbox and play with toys. It can be an enormously lucrative business for some creators, like seven-year-old Ryan ToysReview, who has 18 million subscribers, his own product brand,
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