25 Bizarre Behind The Scenes Details About Maury

Depending on who you ask, Maury Povich is either one of the greatest hosts on television or a despicable exploiter of other people's life problems. Earlier in his career, he was public enemy number one to some television critics, so it's kind of surprising that his show has evolved into a long-running American institution akin to The Today Show or Sesame Street. Maury doesn't shock us the way that he did in the 1990s; instead, he's become a sort of television comfort food to millions of viewers.

When it debuted in September of 1991, The Maury Povich Show (now simply called Maury) was a modest daytime talk show hosted by a not very well-known former news anchor. Nearly twenty-eight years later, Maury Povich is one of the biggest names on the small screen and his show is a slickly produced juggernaut with a tried and true formula that took years to cultivate.
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