New Trailer for Surreal True-Crime Baseball Documentary 'Screwball'

"Cuckoo-crazy!" Wow this looks totally nuts. Greenwich Entertainment has debuted an official trailer for a documentary titled Screwball, which is not associated with the other baseball documentaries with similar titles including Fastball and Knuckleball. This Screwball doc is about Yankees star Alex Rodriguez and his steroid scandal. Filmmaker Billy Corben dives deep in this true-crime dramedy investigating the Mlb's infamous doping scandal involving a nefarious clinician from Florida and his most famous client: Alex Rodriguez. It's described as "a madcap Floridian crime comedy in the vein of Elmore Leonard or the Coen Brothers" that "raises serious questions about the ethics of professional sports. Powerful interests would be happy to let this story slip from memory, but Screwball makes it unforgettable." Sounds good, looks nuts. Casting kids for the reenactments is hilarious, but this whole thing looks so crazy. Here's the new official trailer for Billy Corben's documentary Screwball, direct
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