Peter Bart: A Final Farewell To Fox – The Venerable Movie/TV Studio, Not Rupert’s Bilious Trump-Friendly News Network

  • Deadline
Hollywood endured a big setback this month, and it had nothing to do with the Oscars. A major studio, 20th Century Fox, officially disappeared into the mist, instantly transforming a once robustly competitive industry into a Disney oligopoly. The ultimate cost in jobs could range as high as 10,000, but the real cost will be in opportunity and competitive zeal.

I took the demise of Fox personally because it was the second studio loss I had witnessed. Years ago I had been a production chief at MGM when Kirk Kerkorian decided to pull the plug. Ironically, he and Rupert Murdoch had been trading offers for years for Fox and MGM, with Kerkorian foolishly snubbing him (MGM continued to stagger along for some years without serious funding commitments).

Fox’s history, like MGM’s, has wallowed in melodramatic triumphs and scandals –the corporate intrigues of Warner Bros and its corporate parents (At&T
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