A deaf trans man and a musician find love in ‘Unsound’

Yiana Pandelis and Reece Noi (Photo credit: Ben Mezups)

Yiana Pandelis was 14 when she did her first acting workshop at Melbourne’s Active Performance Studios.

Her performance made a lasting impression on one of the attendees, casting director Cinzia Coassin, who was amazed to discover afterwards that Yiana is hearing impaired.

So years later when Coassin received the script for Unsound, she immediately thought of Yiana as ideal for the co-lead Finn, a young woman who is hearing impaired and undergoing the difficult process of transitioning to male.

After reading the script by Ally Burnham, a Nida graduate who received funding from Screen Australia’s Gender Matters Brilliant Stories program, Pandelis did several self-tests and auditioned for a previous director in Melbourne last year.

Development took longer than the producer Tsu Shan Chambers expected, with Screen Australia’s support on the script, and Ian Watson took over as the director.
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