Van Helsing Season 3 Episode 7 Review: Hunted Down

Axel's group fights its way to Denver, and the Sisterhood increases its strength on a shocking episode of Van Helsing.


This Van Helsing review contains spoilers.

Van Helsing Season 3 Episode 7

“Start fighting, assholes, or you’re all going to die.”

Lest we forget for a moment the brutality inherent in any apocalyptic event, writer/showrunner Neil Labute makes absolutely certain we remember the terrifying reality our heroes face on a daily basis. From the opening sequence at a gathering of the Sisterhood, “Hunted Down” takes violent behavior and gruesome imagery to levels Van Helsing has only hinted at previously, but it does so with a purpose. It’s easy to become complacent at the often surgical precision with which Vanessa and Scarlett dispense of the current crop of vampires, but tonight we’re reminded that vampire killing is an ugly business and not everyone faced with that prospect bears the Van Helsing name.
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