Mira Sorvino Speaks Out on Her #MeToo Experience: ‘It’s Been a Really Hard Year’

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Speaking about her #MeToo experience in a Los Angeles Times profile, Mira Sorvino admits that “it’s been a hard year, not going to lie.” The Oscar-winning actress, one of many women to accuse Harvey Weinstein of both sexually harassing her and intentionally derailing her career, says that “the idea that there was this malevolent hand that actually had changed the course of my professional life was devastating to me.”

“I was like, that’s why I’ve had a bad downturn in my career. Why I couldn’t be in any studio movies for a decade and a half. I won an Oscar. My work hasn’t changed. My performances are still comparable to my old performances. Just the access was denied,” Sorvino said.

In a New Yorker report published last October, Sorvino accused Weinstein of massaging her shoulders and attempting to get physical in a Toronto hotel room in 1995. Following that report,
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