Hope You're Ready For More 'Police Academy,' Because Steve Guttenberg Is

One of the most successful comedy franchises of the 1980s-90s — Police Academy — is, according to actor Steve Guttenberg, ready to make a comeback. Launched in 1984, the original was an admittedly dopey series of films that spanned 10 years and seven adventures. The premise was a simple one: a newly-elected mayor passes a law that the police department must accept all willing recruits. The result? The motliest group of cops you've ever seen, one more dysfunctional than the next. The only true voice of sanity there was Steve's Cary Mahoney, who, over the course of the series, found himself promoted from cadet to officer and, finally, sergeant. Well, according to a recent Twitter posting, we've got a new entry coming. When fan Adam Hirschovitz wrote to him, "Please tell me you're making a new Police Academy film," Steve tweeted back, "Adam, the next Police Academy is coming, no details yet, but
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