Interview with Takuya Fukushima: I think my film is not similar to any Japanese film but it is similar to Haruki Murakami’s works

Takuya Fukushima was born on September 19, 1972 and he is a member of Directors Guild of Japan. He has been releasing numerous video works since 1992, when he was studying at the department of literature at Nagoya University. After working under Sogo Ishii (aka: Gakuryu Ishii), he established P-kraft which has been the base of his activities thereafter.

Fukushima directs TV programs, commercials, PVs and he is also highly rated as a film director both in Japan and overseas. His first film “Prism” marked a record high of visitors at the theater where the film was released. “Our Brief Eternity” was officially screened at film festivals around the world, starting with Tokyo International Film Festival, then later being released in theaters throughout Japan. In 2016, a special screening titled Escape From This Fucking World/Takuya Fukushima’s Collection was held to commemorate the release of “Legacy Time”which was highly acclaimed.

He is
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