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• Lit Hub interesting essay on the popularity of world-building in genre fiction

• Coming Soon Wreck It Ralph 2 has a scene with all the Disney princesses

• Cartoon Brew trailer for something called Another Day of Life which combines documentary footage with CG animation for a different kind of movie

• The Guaridan a five star review of the great silent film Pandora's Box, which y'all know I love. It's maybe my favorite silent

• The New Yorker the emptiness of the new Star Wars universe. I liked Solo more than most and disagree with a few key points here (Emilia Clarke had plenty of screen time to develop that character for example. She's just not an inspired actor is all) but it's still an interesting good read about the problem of prequels and self-consciously mythic work.

Tom Cruise... speaking of self-conciously mythic. Top Gun 2 began filming

• Boy Culture Madonna gives her blessing to
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