Cannes: Epic Pictures' Horror Label Scares Up 'Slay Belles,' 'Lasso' (Exclusive)

Epic Pictures has ramped up the scares for its Dread Central Presents horror label, acquiring <i>Slay Belles </i>and <i>Lasso</i> to release in North American and sell internationally. 

Directed by Dan Walker (credited as "Spooky Dan Walker"), <i>Slay Belles</i> is a holiday horror-comedy in which three cosplaying women accidentally unleash Krampus and have to team up with Santa Claus to save the world. Kristina Klebe (<i>Hellboy</i>, <i>Halloween</i>), Susan Slaughter (<i>Ouija House</i>) and Barry Bostwick (<i>The Rocky Horror Picture Show</i>) star, with horror icon Darren Lynn Bousman, who directed <i>Saw 2</i>, <i>Saw 3 </i>and <i>Saw 4</i>, as well as <i>11-11-11</i> and<i> Tales of Halloween</i> for Epic Pictures,...
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