Review: Suicide Squad: Hell to Pay

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The trailer for Suicide Squad: Hell to Pay was designed to make it look like a 1970-s grindhouse film, which could have been an interesting take on the team. What we get instead, isn’t exactly that, and while set within the new DC Animated Universe canon is off in a corner, nor is it particularly good or bad. Out this week from Warner Home Entertainment, the 86-minute feature is most certainly not for children.

There’s a gritty realism to the constant violence and betrayal among the villains seen in this movie, written by Alan Burnett, who certainly knows the characters well. He adapts them from the comics, making adjustments for his needs, so it’s not exactly like their four-color counterparts or as we’ve seen them in other animated fare. There’s certainly a high body count, starting early with the quick dispatching of Tobias Whale (Dave Fennoy
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