Jessica Jones Season 2 Episode 3 Review – ‘Aka Sole Survivor’

Matt Rodgers reviews the third episode of Jessica Jones season 2…

This third episode settles into the formula that season 2 has been quick to establish. Jessica partnering up with a persistent Trish, while the supporting cast plant the seeds of their own threads for the bigger picture.

‘Aka Sole Survivor’ starts with a lighthearted visit to Trish’s hypnotherapist, with Jessica admitting, “my past is killing me now, so not a lot of options”. It doesn’t go too well, largely because she doesn’t have a “safe place”, but it does trigger a Nightmare on Elm Street style dream in which she’s back in Dr. Koslov’s facility.

Returning to the hospital, Jessica does a nice bit of contrived detective work that leads to the discovery of a name; Dr. Leslie Hanson. Reluctantly agreeing that the “hypnoquack” might have worked, Trish and Jessica embark on a mission to find the whereabouts of Dr.
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