Opinionated: The state of Impact Wrestling

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A new year marks a new column for Nerdly… Opinionated. Where we give you our thoughts on everything and anything geeky and nerdy. First up is Phil’s thoughts on Impact Wrestling.

It’s been quite some time since I’ve personally written anything about pro-wrestling, between managing the site and writing movie reviews I’ve found little time to discuss wrestling. That’s not to say I haven’t been keeping up with everything on WWE’s programming: Raw, Smackdown and Nxt; as well as, to a lesser extent, UK promotions (via Powerbomb.tv) and… Impact Wrestling.

Yes, Impact Wrestling. A programme that, at one time, back in the pre-Hogan era and later into the Hogan era, I preferred to the output of Vince McMahon and co. Back in those days the matches seemed more exciting, the feuds seemed more impactful (pardon the pun) and the overall product seemed
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