SAG-aftra Reaches Tentative Agreement Ending Video Game Strike

  • Cinelinx
A deal has been made and voice actors will be heading back to work. Come inside to find out what SAG-aftra got in order to end the video game strike.

It took nearly a year but SAG-aftra is officially ending their strike against 11 video game companies, after reaching an agreement early Saturday morning. On October 21, 2016, we reported that the union behind over 160,000 actors of the vocal variety was set to go on strike after certain companies within the gaming industry refused to go into detail of the project, pay the actors a cut of the game's earnings, and provide safe work environments, among other things.

Saturday, SAG-aftra would earn a victory on some of their demands, enough to end the 11 month strike. The terms of the tentative agreement include a new bonus structure that provides an additional payment to performers. The bonus payment, which is due no later than the release date of the game,
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