Cherry 2000: what did it get right about 2017?

Kirsten Howard Sep 8, 2017

80s sci-fi romance Cherry 2000 was set in the year 2017, but how close was it to envisioning society as it is today?

This article contains spoilers about Cherry 2000

To a sheltered girl growing up on the outskirts of the New Forest, where the most exciting thing happening in 1988 was a demonstration day at the village candle-making shop, the trailer for Cherry 2000 landing at the start of nearly every VHS rental atop the shelves was an event. This film promised to be the height of 80s futuristic sci-fi hedonism - explosions, hot sex robots, outlandish stunts, apocalyptic gunfights and Melanie Griffith taking her top off again.

Did it deliver? Kinda, but in order to establish why the movie failed to ignite the masses, we’ll need to rewind a little further back in time and teleport to a little place full of glitz, glamour and showbusiness called Hollywood,
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