Fantasia 2017 – ‘The Night Of The Virgin’

You, my friend, are a 20-something loser. On New Year’s Eve, at a nightclub. You’re flying solo, hoping to find someone to connect with. The ladies won’t even give you the time of day. Hell, even the bartender won’t pay any attention to you. Then you spot a hot lady dancing by herself and you make your move. She, of course, is wasted. She pukes on your shoes and stumbles away. As the clock strikes midnight, you’ve given up and sat at a table in the corner. But then suddenly a beautiful, older woman appears and takes an interest in you. Why You, of all people?? She invites you back to her place! Holy shit!! But then you realize how strange this situation actually is. How nasty her apartment is. How Infested her apartment is. And what is up with that gold statue? But forget all that!
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