Caroline du Potet ('In Their Sleep')

The co-director of the newest horrifying French thriller In Their Sleep talks French horror, character development, and her new suspense film Totem in our interview.

Caroline du Potet’s new horror film Dans Ton Sommeil (In Iheir Sleep) has just hit American audiences, and it’s got a relentless, nerve-wracking, desperate tone that embodies what it means to make a modern French horror film.

"Ten years ago, it was almost impossible to make a horror film in France," admits Caroline. "There were only comedies or dramas. Then, a new generation of filmmakers, like Alexandre Aja, started to initiate the movement."

In the past ten years, French horror cinema has grown by leaps and bounds. The films Inside, Dans Ma Peau, Frontiers, Martyrs, and Haute Tension made French horror a staple of the current genre. French horror films have retained the mystique and creativity that Hollywood horror movies and remakes are sorely lacking these days.
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