The Tony Curtis I knew, by director Nicolas Roeg

The veteran film director recalls working with Tony Curtis, who died on 29 September, aged 85

I hate it when people talk about Tony Curtis and say: "His real name was Bernie Schwartz…" That was just the name that he was given at birth. It's not the person he lived his life with, and became.

After he came out of the navy (in which he served in submarines in the Pacific during the second world war) he was just 20. An atom bomb had dropped on a distant town and suddenly the war was over and he was back in New York, out of work, and any skills he had learned in the services were of no use to him. Like so many young people, even today, he needed time – "a gap year" – to figure out the gigantic changes that were taking place in the world. By chance, a couple of other ex-servicemen had applied,
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