The Truth About Stress review – interesting ideas illustrated with fairly silly stunts

Presenter Fiona Phillips investigates what happens when we get stressed and what we can do about it. Plus Car Crash Britain

The other day I had one of those blood-boiling moments that sometimes coincide with leaving the house. You know the sort of thing: I was trying to retrieve a package from the UK’s most poorly sited postal sorting office; I got stuck in traffic, couldn’t park and found myself at the back of a long queue leading to a window staffed, it seemed, by no one. I had a choice of standing either just inside or just outside the automatic double doors, which opened and closed continuously due to my presence. I started to judder like a washing machine spinning a wet duvet.

According to The Truth About Stress (BBC1), I was experiencing a classic fight-or-flight reaction – adrenaline rush, elevated heart rate – which may have been of
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