Review — ‘Hounds of Love’ Is a Harrowing and Grimly Satisfying Experience

Hounds of Love’ Is a Harrowing and Grimly Satisfying ExperienceA deranged couple with a desire to kill, a teenage girl with a will to live.

A twisted relationship between a man and his wife sits at the center of writer/director Ben Young’s feature debut, but it’s the more innocent one between a teenager and her mother that viewers will hope prevails as the harrowing and unsettling Hounds of Love heads towards its conclusion.

It’s the late ’80s and Christmastime in Perth, Western Australia, and Vicki (Ashleigh Cummings) is enduring a common right of passage for teenagers the world over. Her parents have split, but while her dad tries to retain her affection with the gift of a new puppy, her mom (Susie Porter) is trying to establish ground rules. Vicki scoffs at her restrictions though and instead sneaks out into the night for a party, but along the way she has the misfortune
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