Seven: the brilliance of David Fincher’s chase scene

Ryan Lambie Apr 3, 2017

At the centre Seven lies a nerve-jangling chase sequence - one that sums up David Fincher’s brilliance as a filmmaker...

Spoilers for Seven lie ahead.

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There are occasions where we have sheer luck to thank for the existence of a movie. Take Seven, David Fincher’s atmospheric thriller from 1995; had the studio behind its making, New Line, not sent Fincher the wrong draft of the script, the film may never have been made - at least, not by Fincher, who at that time was still smarting from the experience of making his debut, Alien 3.

Screenwriter Andrew Kevin Walker had initially written Seven as a spec script - the kind of high-concept thriller that would get him noticed, get him out of his day job at Tower Records and into a career as a writer. About
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