Sundance Review: ‘Wind River’ Finds Taylor Sheridan Stuck in the Snow

With the strongest one-two punch of first produced scripts in Hollywood the past few years, Taylor Sheridan has emerged as a distinctive voice in revitalizing tired (or all but dormant) genres. After scripting Sicario and Hell or High Water, he’s now gone fully behind the camera for his directorial debut Wind River, which blends both crime and western elements with disappointing results. Let down by muddy characterization and a choppy directorial style, the drama finally coheres in its final act to deliver the uncompromising thrills that have been Sheridan’s trademark.

After capturing the violence at the Mexican border and west Texas, this final entry into his self-proclaimed American frontier trilogy finds Sheridan in the chilly, snow-covered mountains of Wyoming. When a dead body is discovered at the vast Wind River Indian Reservation by a local U.S. Fish & Wildlife agent Cory Lambert (Jeremy Renner), the FBI sends in perhaps their least-experienced agent,
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