Mostly Sunny Movie Review

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“I don’t know what my legacy will be,” says porn star turned Bollywood starlet Sunny Leone near the end of Dilip Mehta’s documentary Mostly Sunny. Leone acknowledges that her greatest strength isn’t acting, isn’t dancing – it is, as she bluntly puts it, the ability to “turn a quarter into a dollar.”

Leone is a subject that seems perfectly tailor-made for a documentary about her transition and acceptance – even if that acceptance is frequently grudging – by the Bollywood film fraternity.

Leone’s public persona is documented and well-known. Mehta sets the facts out for us, facts that pretty much anyone with a passing familiarity with Leone knows: that she’s the most searched Indian personality on YouTube; that Osama bin Laden was obsessed with her. “Who doesn’t know Sunny Leone?”, giggles taxi driver Gurpeet Singh Bawa in the films opening moments.

The frustration, of course, is
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