Tallinn Film Festival: : ‘Caina’ is a Killer!!

Tallinn Film Festival: : ‘Caina’ is a Killer!!
Beware of entering the mind of an evil person. As witness to Sicily’s current immigrant situation in this adaption of the novel based upon actual news, we become immured within the mind of one of the most evil beings since Cain killed Abel.

To tell the story so that it will be remembered is the ultimate goal of the movies and of all storytelling. This one sears your mind and leaves an indelible mark upon it. Beyond the psychological disturbance of the protagonist, the whole business that revolves around immigration is depicted in a way we have never before considered. The capitalistic exploitation of death itself in the movie includes the illegal enslavement of the masses of immigrants. “Caina” takes this basically free labor pool and adds value by their deaths. It is cheaper and easier to capitalize off the peoples’ deaths than to keep them alive and integrate them into a growing economy.
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