Joshua Reviews Rosemary Myers’ Girl Asleep [Theatrical Review]

Australian cinema may be best known for its gritty action films and even grimier crime dramas, but leave it to a first time filmmaker from “down under” to give the film world one of 2016’s most enjoyable, and original, teen comedies. Billed as a blending of Wes Anderson aesthetics and Lewis Carroll surrealism, freshman filmmaker Rosemary Myer’s Girl Asleep may sound, superficially, like an insufferably twee coming of age tale that has garnered more comparisons to Napoleon Dynamite than one may be comfortable with, but it’s truly a delightful achievement, particularly when it devolves into the surreal farce that is its third act.

The film introduces us to Greta Driscoll, a charming, but unassuming, 14-year-old as she heads towards her upcoming 15th birthday. A quiet wallflower of sorts, we first see Greta as she sits at a bench during a break from school, where she encounters a young man named Elliott.
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