The Champion: new Spartacus-like sci-fi movie shooting next year

Joseph Baxter Aug 31, 2016

The director of Taken 2 and Taken 3 - Olivier Megaton - is set to tackle The Champion...

According to The Hollywood Reporter, a science-fiction stylised take on the Gladiator genre is in the works with the Taken sequels director Olivier Megaton. Brandishing the title, The Champion, the prospective film is being described as 'a futuristic Spartacus', depicting the ordeal of a man imprisoned for an act of terrorism he apparently didn’t commit and forced to participate in a type of gladiator arena that yields the possibility of winning his freedom.

It’s a familiar sounding story, recalling the various versions of the Roman Empire-era-set Spartacus story like the 1960 Kirk Douglas-starring classic and the iterations of the 2010-2013 Starz Spartacus television series like Blood And Sand, starring the late Andy Whitfield. A futuristic take on the grueling grandiosity of the gladiator arena should make
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