Kill Command review – superior sci-fi action thriller

The performances are cool and the plot’s a blast in Steven Gomez’s watchable drama about a military exercise that takes a terrible turn

Steven Gomez is a visual effects supervisor who has graduated to writing and directing his first full-length feature. It’s a sci-fi action thriller whose borrowings are very plain, but it’s decent and watchable nonetheless, with an interesting central character premise.

Reprising much of the style and hardware of Terminator and Robocop, Gomez gives us the story of some Us Marines who in the future are ’coptered to a remote location for training. With them is a young civilian observer called Mills (Vanessa Kirby) who is part android, having been “cured” of paralysis as a child by a sinister corporation that implanted in her head new software and artificially created brain matter: this is the same tech that runs the battle drones she is there to inspect.
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