The Walking Dead: why Carl’s hair is so long & other tricks




A round-up on the practical effects Greg Nicotero and co. used to achieve memorable moments in The Walking Dead (incl. Carl's hair)…

Warning: contains spoilers for The Walking Dead seasons 1-6. And gory images. Ugh.

Hairdressers exist after the undead apocalypse. We know this to be the case in The Walking Dead not only because we met one—Rick’s ill-fated girlfriend Jessie—but because the majority of characters have been able to maintain some kind of post-global destruction ‘do. Carol has a pixie crop. Daryl sports a complicated homage to Link from Zelda, and you could happily roll marbles around on Abraham’s flat-top all the live-long day.

One character though, has thus far defied the scissors: Carl Grimes. And now, after the events of season 6B, we know why.

“There’s a reason why [Carl’s] hair’s so long,” VFX veteran and director Greg Nicotero said in this Kimberley Potts interview.
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