Our Daily Bread #8

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"Glory, something some men chase and others find themselves stumbling upon, not expecting to find them. Either way it is a noble gesture that one finds bestowed upon them. My question is when does glory fade away and become a wrongful crusade, or an unjustified means by which consumes one completely?"Clint Eastwood’s American Sniper is a movie about men who salute the country that betrayed and mutilated them.Like in Manoel de Oliveria’s No, or the Vain Glory of Command, where men, their arms cut off, struggle to hold uphold the flag of their country. As Mr. Lewis says:“We live in a democracy, gentlemen! And in a democracy, it’s every mans right to be killed fighting for his country!” Some men can be changed. It is possible to find a new consciousness:“Those machine guns are in position. It would mean needless slaughter to oppose us now!
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