Nymph aka 'Killer Mermaid' (2014) review

Reviewed by Kevin Scott


Nymph (2014)

Written by: Marko Backovic, Barry Keating, Milan Konjevic

Directed by: Milan Todorovic

Cast: Kristina Klebe (Kelly), Franco Nero (Niko), Natalie Burn (Lucy), Dragan Micanovic (Boban), Slobodan Stefanovic (Alex), Miodrag Krstovic (The Guardian), Sofija Rajovic (Yasmine)

As you can see from the very challenging names to spell in the cast, this film has an international flair. Some scenes were filmed in Montenegro and some in Serbia. As of this writing, this film is streaming on Netflix under the title “Killer Mermaid”. I tend to gravitate more towards “Nymph”, the films’ original title. It leaves a little more mystique and still lets the film hold on to that exotic flair I eluded to earlier.

If anyone remembers “She Creature”, it involved a killer mermaid as well. That’s the only other film that I know of that can be compared to this one. I liked it a lot,
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