Comic Book Review – 2000Ad Prog 1921

Oliver Davis reviews 2000Ad Prog 1921…

Borag Thungg, Earthlets!

John Wagner and Greg StaplesJudge Dredd story ‘Dark Justice’ finally concludes this week with Dredd and Anderson finally escaping Judge Death and Co. in space. The strip started off with slow-building promise, but cheapened the story by using tongue-in-cheek humour and an unsatisfying final battle. If it wasn’t for Staples’ art, this would be one of the more forgettable Dark Judges stories. Thankfully, his painterly photorealism is stunning. Just look at the wrinkles of Dredd’s terse lip on page two.

If that lip was in Savage, it’d be augmented with bio-robotics. After last week’s scintillating instalment, where Bill let a Hammerstein robot murder the leader of Britain’s main post-war political party (it was Ok though, because he was kind of a douche), our hero’s long-lost brother Jack is revealed as the mastermind behind the Grinder attacks.
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