Minority Report TV Show Signs Original Movie Cast Member

20th Century Fox

A quick glance at the television guide of the future displays that there are a number of shows spawning from big screen efforts on the way. One such entry that shows a bit of promise is Minority Report, which has just hired Daniel London to reprise his role as skittish, flip-flop wearing Precog carer, Wally.

The original film – directed by Steven Spielberg and starring Tom Cruise – saw a future where murders could be stopped before they even occurred thanks to a trio of powerful clairvoyants, also known as Precogs. The show will be set ten years after the program was shut down by Cruise’s top copper and focus on one of the Precogs, Dash who is being haunted by visions of the future that set him on the path to police officer, Lara Vega, who believes this strange stranger could help her uncovering secrets from her past,
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