Comic Book Review – 2000Ad Prog 1916

Oliver Davis reviews 2000Ad Prog 1916…

Borag Thungg, Earthlets! This issue reaches halfway points for Dark Justice, The Order and Savage, and sees the penultimate episodes of Ulysses Sweet and Orlock. But first…

Judges Dredd and Anderson are now trapped aboard the Mayflower in the depths of space, their only escape blown to smithereens and pursued by four of their greatest foes: Death, Fire, Fear and Mortis. This insalment is marvelously tense, our heroes sneaking around the deserted space station trying to find the Dark Judges. But what really stands out is Greg Staples’ art. He effortlessly makes a jump on the fourth page from his usual, fantasty-esque paintings to a photo-realistic portrait of Dredd. You can’t help but get stuck on it, transfixed by the Ol’Stoney Face’s prominent chin and detailed teeth. It’s like, for a moment, he’s real.

Ulysses Sweet, on the other hand,
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