Watch The Short Documentary 'Right To Wynwood' Online Now

Gentrification happens all of the time. Hip new neighborhoods pop up all around the world, luring in rich newcomers and chasing out its less-fortunate residents. This topic is the focus of Right To Wynwood, a short documentary by producer Camila Alvarez and photographer Natalie Edgar. The film, which is now available online, documents the rapidly changing patterns of Wynwood, the so-called new Arts District in Miami, Fl.

Directed by both Alvarez and Edgar, Right To Wynwood, focuses on the gentrification of Wynwood and it's effects. The investigative piece attempts to bring to light a lot of the unrevealed truths about the neighborhood which was once considered Miami's Puerto-rican "barrio." The filmmakers sat down with developers, artists, and locals in hopes of getting down to the root of this whole process, and they pulled it off in a mere 20-minutes. Right To Wynwood does an amazing job tackling a very controversial subject,
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