Why Cbbc’s Wolfblood deserves a series 4

Wolfblood series 3 changed leads, expanded its world, and grew even stronger. Here’s why the supernatural Cbbc show deserves to live on…

Contains spoilers for Wolfblood series 3.

Still teaching ‘grown-up’ supernatural shows how it’s done is Cbbc’s exemplary Wolfblood, which yesterday concluded its third run in the UK.

Series three cleared a hurdle at which previous fantasy and sci-fi dramas have fallen by losing its lead character yet continuing to prosper. When Aimee Kelly (who played Maddy Smith) decided to move on after the end of series two, Wolfblood pulled off the smoothest change of personnel since Kirstie Alley joined Cheers, then kept on going from strength to strength.

Having carefully written its supporting cast from day one paid Wolfblood enormous dividends when it came to series three, and made the transition to a genuine ensemble piece look effortless (however it may have felt behind the scenes). Instead
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