‘Welcome to New York’ Blu-ray Review

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Stars: Gérard Depardieu, Jacqueline Bisset, Paul Calderon, Paul Hipp, Shanyn Leigh, Amy Ferguson, Drena De Niro, Ronald Guttman | Written by Abel Ferrara, Christ Zois | Directed by Abel Ferrara

Review by Andrew McArthur

Abel Ferrara‘s latest work Welcome to New York is a film so unflinching in its portrait of excess and moral-corruption that it makes The Wolf of Wall Street look like it was produced by Cbeebies.

Devereaux (Gerard Depardieu), one of the world’s most powerful businessmen is filled with a gratuitous sexual hunger – a man so entangled in his lifestyle of power, sex and money that he believes everything is his. This is until Deveraux sexually assaults a hotel maid in New York and finds himself arrested, on the verge of being stripped of this power. Ferrara uses the high-profile case of Dominique Strauss-Kahn as his factual basis for this slow-burning piece filled with excess and debauchery.
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