Frightfest 2014: ‘X Moor’ Review

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Stars: Melia Kreiling, Nick Blood, Mark Bonner, Simone Kirby, Olivia Popica, Sophie Harkness, Fergal McElherron, Jemma Obrien, James Lecky | Written and Directed by Luke Hymans

Written and directed by Luke Hymans (Dubplate Drama), this horror film, shot in Belfast, tells the story of American documentary film-makers Georgia (Melia KreilingCold) and Matt (Nick BloodSpike Island) who head to Exmoor in the south of England in an attempt to catch, on film, the “Beast of Exmoor” which apparently exists somewhere in the remote grassland of that particular part of Devon. There reason for wanting to capture this so-called “beast” on camera? £25,000 from the local newspaper.

X Moor begins with the two leads looking at a YouTube video that is apparently footage of this “beast”, and Georgia convinces Matt to go to Exmoor with the intention of filming this creature and collecting the cash reward. Our documentarians are greeted early-on, while
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