10 Reasons Sheamus Is Genuinely Hated By WWE Fans


At the Payback PPV last week, Sheamus and Cesaro had a barn-burner of a match, beating the holy hell out of each other for 10-plust minutes straight. It served as a great reminder that Sheamus is a fantastic brawler, capable of putting together hard-hitting matches that make you cringe – in a good way – every time he hits someone or gets hit. There aren’t a ton of guys in WWE today like that, who will just stand there and exchange forearm smashes and ask for more. In that respect, Sheamus should be a key player in WWE, one of its top performers.

However, Sheamus is a wrestler seemingly perpetually stuck in neutral. A three-time world champion and former Royal Rumble winner, he hasn’t the kind of memorable feuds and matches (at least not for the right reasons) that other top-level superstars have had. Daniel Bryan probably has
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