Can't hear Quirke? Audibility has fallen victim to TV's thirst for realism | Michael Simkins

The paymasters want tears, snot and estuary vowels and actors are willing to please, often to our own detriment

It's enough to make a grown man scream. As if the recent public furore over the poor quality sound in the BBC drama Jamaica Inn wasn't bad enough, now frazzled couch potatoes have been slamming the sides of their TV sets with renewed frenzy in an effort to find out why they can't hear Auntie's latest offering, the crime drama Quirke.

This flagship series has been bedevilled by exactly the sort of issues that plagued its benighted predecessor that of actor inaudibility. And it's no longer just the average punter who is complaining, for this time the outcry has been joined by celebrated screenwriter Andrew Davies, whose frustration carries rather more weight because he wrote the bloody thing. "I could work out what was being said," he admitted sheepishly, but not so his poor wife,
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