'Homeland' newcomer Jared Ward on whether Brody can pull off the Iran mission

"Homeland" is introducing some new players as Season 3 heads into its final few episodes. Among them is Jared Ward, who plays Navy Seal Yousef Turani. Yousef befriended Brody in last night's episode, "One Last Time," before they headed off to Iran to try to assassinate General Akbari.

The big question surrounding this mission is whether Brody can actually pull it off. His dedication to the American government is always in question, but Ward thinks that Brody will put his body and soul into the assassination attempt.

"Considering what's at stake for him with his family and with his daughter and everything, I think he's really kind of trying his best to do it. But you never know," Ward tells Zap2it. "You never know what happens in the situation to come. I do feel like it seems he loves his family so much that he'll do anything for them."

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