How Desperate for a New Horror Movie Do You Have to be to Watch "Zombie Massacre?" Insanely.

Zombie flicks are a tempting choice for first-time filmmakers; with a little bit of shaky cam action, some basic makeup effects, and actors who can do the bare minimum of looking scared and running, you can make a zombie horror with minimal effort and talent. Maybe that’s what attracted Marco Ristori and Luca Boni to write and direct Zombie Massacre (aka Apocalypse Z), the follow-up to their first and similarly poorly made film Eaters. All their effort wasn’t for naught though, as Zombie Massacre does earn a very noteworthy distinction: it will easily be one of the worst zombie movies you ever force yourself to watch. It’s not the so-bad-it’s-funny kind of film, it’s the painfully awful piece of garbage variety that filmmakers should only show to their closest friends and family and then destroy. There’s nothing of value here.

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