Rare 'Star Wars' Footage Unearthed

Rare 'Star Wars' Footage Unearthed
The "Star Wars" saga hasn’t had the best of luck with the one-off specials -– obviously 1978's ludicrous "Star Wars Holiday Special" comes to mind. (I dare you to watch it all of the way through.) After that disaster, it’s fascinating that Lucasfilm ever tried to make something similar. Well, they did, only you’ve probably never heard of "Return of the Ewok."

In 1982, during the production of "Return of the Jedi," a short film was produced chronicling the (fictional) adventures of a then 12-year-old Warwick Davis who desperately wanted to be in the next "Star Wars" movie. (At one point Davis even auditions for the role of Boba Fett while “Take the Long Way Home” by Supertramp plays in the background.) Eventually, Davis is cast as Wicket the Ewok (who he played in "Return of the Jedi").

What’s notable about this film (other than that it
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