Happy 40th Anniversary To “Match Game”! Who’s The Greatest Panelist Of All?

Dumb Dora was so dumb that she didn’t realize this week marks the 40th anniversary of Match Game‘s ’70s incarnation. That’s right: The game show that brought you Gene Rayburn’s Neanderthal posture, that funky think music, and the exploits of Brett Somers, Charles Nelson Reilly, Richard Dawson and many more is 40 years old. It’s an irreplaceable treasure. There is no show like it, and I’m including other celebrity-dappled games like Hollywood Squares and Tattletales in that estimation.

Let’s celebrate with an old-fashioned countdown: the 10 best celebrities in Match Game

10. Gary Burghoff

Always the most cherished understudy in the ever-important Top Right chair, Burghoff was pleasant and game without being histrionic. Always on my Radar.

9. Elaine Joyce

Once and for all, the only Bottom Left-seated celebrity who could be both the ditzy blonde and a self-aware, naughty player too. She married Neil Simon, guys.
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