Exclusive - Thomas Jane No Longer Involved in Wet House; New Details!

Just a quick follow-up to this morning's story of a new director taking the helm of what was to be Thomas Jane's Wet House. After the announcement came, we did some digging, made a few calls, and now have an update for you.

Jane is no longer involved with the project as the producers decided to go in a different direction by opting for a female lead for the film. Casting is currently under way. Stay tuned.

South African writer-director Mukunda Michael Dewil has signed on to helm Wet House for Zero Gravity Entertainment. The elevated psychological thriller from scribe Jack Reher revolves around a psychologist who becomes entangled with the mysterious resident of a wet house, whose apparent psychic abilities help her aid the police in solving a string of grisly, bath salt-fueled massacres.

“I like the idea that everything is layered with this atmosphere of unnamed trepidation
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