Greatest TV Pilots: ‘Chuck’

Chuck, Pilot: “Chuck Versus the Intersect”

Written by Josh Schwartz, and Chris Fedak

Directed by McG

Originally aired, September 24th 2007

Pilots are always a tricky business. Some make a spectacle of themselves with an extended runtime or are churned by adverts months in advances; some have the unenviable task of juggling world building, establishing character relations, and stringing out multiple storyline threads for the entirety of the series. Television pilots require a unique blend of instant gratification as well as playing the long game. A pilot has to establish many things, but above all, it must create the foundations for characters that audiences will fall for and become totally invested in. People tune in ritualistically for these characters week in and week out. Viewers form familial bonds and sometimes a sense of entitlement towards television characters which can result in a rabid fan base. A great pilot has to create
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