How we made: Penelope Keith and Peter Bowles on To the Manor Born

The stars of the classic BBC sitcom recall Rolls-Royces, chilly location shoots – and an increasingly tubby beagle

Penelope Keith, actor

I had met the writer Peter Spence at a dinner and he showed me a pilot script for a radio series about a rich American who moves into an English manor house. He'd conceived the female lead as an upper-class version of Margot Leadbetter, whom I'd played in The Good Life. I immediately agreed to play her, opposite Bernard Braden as the American.

I'd been sent loads of scripts since starting The Good Life, but all were a pale imitation. Realising that this would make excellent television I sent the script to John Howard Davies, producer of The Good Life. He thought it was too ordinary to have a rich American in the manor, so it was decided to make him eastern European. I was asked to start filming in two months.
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