Red (2010)

Directed by: Robert Schwentke

Written by: Jon Hoeber, Erich Hoeber, Warren Ellis, Cully Hamner

Cast: Bruce Willis, Mary-Louise Parker, Jefferson Brown, Karl Urban, Rebecca Pidgeon, Morgan Freeman, Jaqueline Fleming, Jason Giuliano, Lawrence Turner, Emily Kuroda, Ernest Borgnine, John Malkovich, James Remar, Brian Cox, Helen Mirren, Richard Dreyfuss

A 'Joe Normal' life of easy going retirement might introduce a lot of boredom into the lives of just about any of us, but this is arguably even more so if your career had been something that gave regular adrenaline boosts. Some jobs are more of a complete lifestyle than a simply 9 to 5, and it can be hard to stop old habits and settle down. Imagine all the heroes and deep undercover spies we've seen in action and suspense thrill films over the last decades; when their lives winded into their 60's or 70's, what did they do with themselves? Sip lemonade, sit on the porch,
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