Close up: All aboard for the sequel to Trainspotting?

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There's no denying it, things have got a bit quiet on the film front. So quiet that we have to give houseroom to film-not-happening stories

(24, if you're interested) or pointless propaganda (Iran to sue Argo - how does that work?) In fact, any crumb of comfort is gratefully appreciated, so when Slumdog Millionaire director and all-round national treasure Danny Boyle let slip there might be a Trainspotting sequel ready to go in the near future, everyone got very excited.

Now, the Iggy Pop-scored junkie comedy was a big hit back in 1996, and the follow up – adapted from writer Irvine Welsh's own novel-sequel, Porno – is taking aim at its 20th

anniversary, in 2016. It may be just a tiny conincidence that Boyle has got a new film out, the hypnotherapy art heist yarn Trance, but
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