Man leaves estate to actors Kevin Brophy and Peter Barton

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Ray Fulk has left a rather strange bequest about his estate. He has given almost all of his assets to two actors whom he had never met, Kevin Brophy (left) and Peter Barton (right).

Fulk, 71, died last July. He lived alone on a farm in Lincoln, Ill and had no family or children. But he did have an affinity for two actors and so he left them an estimated half a million dollars each.

"He was a loner, and a lot of neighbors didn't know who he was," says Donald Behle, the estate attorney who helped prepare Fulk's will. "He just said [the actors] were friends of his."

"I found a couple of letters he had written to them," Behle tells the Sate Journal-Register "They sent back responses that basically said thanks for writing and please watch me in whatever their next movie or show was."

Brophy was in the 1977 show "Lucan,
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